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Crimson Lioness
Vital Statistics
Real Name Amelia Lionheart
Alias Crimson Lioness
Age 24
Species Human
Birthday June 19
Birthplace Earth
United States
New York

Amelia Lionheart; otherwise known as the Crimson Lioness by many of the victims of her wrath and those who have been protected by her. She is a Metahuman of considerable strength and possesses abilities of Metamorphosis. Amelia is noted to be quite the fighter and beauty around her region, and is allied with The Team loosely, cooperating with them to fulfill her own goals.


Amelia is a beautiful woman in the early years of her adulthood. Commonly seen with a cigar, picked up from her former mentor, Amelia is always seen with a calm and relaxed exterior. She possesses glistening red eyes and accompanying it fiery crimson hair, which is kept tied in a single ponytail with her fringe parting to her right. Amelia boasts of a tall stature and a curvaceous figure, with many being envious of her beauty.

Amelia is commonly seen to sport a casual attire despite her position in her occupation. She mainly sports a long-sleeved dress shirt with tucked sleeves and a few buttons open to reveal a small portion of her cleavage. She accompanies this with a pair of black pants and heels. She is seen with a small chain with a ruby on it, the significance of this being unknown.

When undertaking her underground "superhero" missions, Amelia seems to don a more formal and serious look. She bears a calm, collected but noticeably stern facial expression, but is still seen with a cigar in her hand regardless. Amelia dons her standard attire with some modifications, including a simple orange jacket over her entire, which has dark brown lining and a flame-like pattern on the back of it. Under this she is seen with a simple orange sash around her waist, which has a pair of revolvers that sit there waiting for use.



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