Domino City
Destroyed city of Future
Landmarks Domino High
Sky Arrow Bridge
Acolyte HQ

Domino City was a city located in California along the coastline. This city was destroyed in the Red Lantern Invasion and it was the birthplace of Red Lantern Seth Richards who became one following the loss of his family.

It was later revealed that Brainiac created a device on an outlaying island near this city and hid generators all over the city under Red X's nose. The plan was discovered by Griger and Saint Walker II who went to investigate.

Known OrganizationsEdit

Domino City is currently home to the Acolytes secret base, created by Red to house his personal team in order to fulfill his destiny as the savior of light and hope. It resides in a bunker underneath the remains of City Hall.


Day of DarknessEdit

In the distant past, a prophecy was made, that foretold the end of days, but the champion it spoke of was not born. Centuries passed and the day that was prophesied did not occur. In present times, it was discovered by a powerful Dark Chi Sorcerer who devised a plan in order to stop the coming of the champion. He contracted the Red Lanterns to destroy the city and kill all within its boundaries, so that he could ensure that darkness fell, but he failed to kill the champion of the prophecy.

"Rage's flame will become a beacon of hope,

The beacon shall light the way.

The one sired in death, shall become the darkness.

Shall the beacon fail, darkness will fall

And bring forth the silence of man."