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Hunt Mansion

Griffin Hayes' Mansion.

Hayes Mansion is Griffin's home and is also the hq for his team, The Dawn. All active members of the dawn reside within these walls and are therefore ready whenever they are needed by Griffin.


Hayes mansion has been Griffin's home ever since he was born. As a child, he used to frolic through the halls "playing hero" with the "super villain" butlers and maids. Harsh reality, however, forced Griffin to grow up and stop playing hero; he had to become a hero. After the death of his parents he made many new additions to the house, including the addition of an indoor pool and a training center.

Design and InfrastructureEdit

The house is very large and covers several acres of land. It has a state of the art security system and numerous cameras, making it extremely difficult for even super villains to enter it unnoticed. There are also numerous rooms; many are bathrooms and bedrooms, but others are training rooms or technology rooms. There is also an indoor pool that is both heated and cooled, making it a great seasonal treat for him and his team.