Vital Statistics
Real Name Johnathon Lawrence Taylor
Age 17
Species Human
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Earth
United States
Designation B25

Kariya is a Human prodigy with the goal of perfecting himself in every way as well as learning everything about the universe and reality that he can.


He has short, dark, slicked back hair and dark grey eyes that are described as cold and unfeeling by those who observe him. He tends to wear dark, loose trenchcoats most of the time. If not, he is wearing casual teen wear.


Tactical, calculating, and passionate, Kariya likes to analyze his options carefully before making decisions and hates being rash or rushed into anything without carefully studying the situation beforehand. He tends to be quiet and reserved when around large groups of people, only voicing his opinions and results when asked for them.

He displays no real sense of emotions, stating that the closest thing to hatred he ever feels is annoyance and the closest thing to happiness being accomplishment. Because of this, he tends to wear a statue-like stern look most of the time. It is also this reason that he doesn't condemn nor commend heroes efforts against him, but simply justifying that they do what they feel they need to and so does he.

He is quite fond of classical music and even plays it in his tower while working. He also claims to enjoy the sound of computer keyboard keys being tapped and the beeping of working electronics, symbolizing function. He takes some measure of pride in his abilities. Even, in some light-hearted situations, he displays some dry, sarcastic humour.


Born to a scientist working for a figure known simply as the Gentleman, Kariya's mother died shortly after his birth from unknown causes. Life took a turn for the worste when Kariya's father was fired and left a broken, bitter man who could only console himself in drink. Kariya, himself, learned everything he knew from his father, who, despite the constant intake of alcohol, could train his son from time to time.

Rather than waste his time enrolling in an academy, Kariya devoted his life to personal pursuits of power after his father died from Liver failure. He discarded his original name and took on the identity of "Kariya".

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Technological Genius: Kariya is a master programmer and hardware designer. His tower is a living testament to this fact, built with automated machine gun turrets, scanning systems, and other defense mechanisms he installed himself. He is also able to hack into computer terminals with noteworthy skill, able to bypass the Team's computers with ease.

Martial Skill: He is quite formidable in hand-to-hand combat, able to disarm opponents who have guns trained on him with ease.

Tactician: Kariya plans his engagements carefully, never rushing in if he knows he will lose.

Quotes Edit