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Professor Mckay
Vital Statistics
Real Name Mcmillan
Age 69
Species Human
Birthday Setember 09
Birthplace Happy Harbor
Designation TS-01

Professor Mckay is a psychologist and a founder of The Justice Youths.


He spends his time working in his Laboratory, and is shown to be enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky person. While adressing his team, he is known to make jokes. Due to his Psych powers, he is often seen lonely, and day-dreaming.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is a old man, often seen in his wheel-chair. He is young for his age.


  • Psionic Shield: The ability to erect a psychic shield to protect the minds of oneself or others.
  • Psychic Shadow: The ability to mask psychic presence, hiding from other psychics.
  • Telepathic Shadow: The ability to mask visual presence, making targets want to look away from the user.
  • Internal Vocalization: Speaking as a part of another's mind.
  • Operative Theft: The ability to quickly process, store, upload or download information through another's mind.
  • Dark Psyche: Communicate with the dark side of a person's personality.
  • Psychic Constructs: Generate constructs out of mental energy.
  • Psionic Inundation: Launch psi-bolts to cause mental damage.
  • Vocalized Communication: To speak or have spoken thoughts from the communicators.
  • Intuitive Multilingualism: The ability to intuitively understand new languages.
  • Mental Detection: The ability to sense anothers presence.


  • Is afraid of Dark, and Shadows etc.