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Red Hood Beyond
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Vital Statistics
Real Name Corona Todd
Alias Red Hood Beyond
Corona Grayson
Sunshine (by Jason jokingly)
Species Human
Birthday December 10
Birthplace Neo-Gotham City, United States, Earth

Corona Todd is the granddaughter of Jason Todd and the Red Hood in 2071.



Corona is much like Jason. She makes rash decisions without thinking them through all the way. However, being brought up on the harsh streets of Neo-Gotham, she has learned to be a strong, cunning woman, often tricking others into doing what she wants.


Since the author does not know how to properly describe her past at this point, he shall simply put the most important events in bullet points

  • Corona took up the mantle of the Red Hood after Jason Todd.
  • Corona travels back to the Year 2018 after hearing that Batman had disappeared.
Gotham City
March 3


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Ultrargentum Detector
  • Hood: Apparently her hood carries some special properties. What could they be?
  • Wayne Inc. Brand "Nanobot Factory" Gloves: A product sent to the Applied Sciences division in Wayne Inc., Corona borrowed (stole) these gloves in her fight against crime, reprogramming them to produce her own stylized Red Hood Batarangs based off of data from the original Batman Beyond MK1 suit. She was also able to get data for other creations that her nanobots could make.
    • Nanobot Batarangs
    • Nano-Cables: Corona made sure that the "Nanobot Factory" Gloves could create grappling hook cables. She also set it to automatically shoot to a ledge or pole that could support her weight should she be knocked out of the air or fall unconscious when plummeting to the earth below.
    • USB Nano Cards: These cards could store up to 96 GB of data, usually surveillance data and sound recordings. Corona modified the cards to be compatible with USB ports and SD card drives.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Corona comes from a wish to showcase the Bat-Family in the future timelines.


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