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"We were partners! Friends! How could you not know I had been replaced? How could you leave me in Luthor's hands for eight years?"

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Vital Statistics
Real Name Robert Enloe
Alias Exo
Age 18
Species Human
Birthplace Earth
United States


Around friends, and even some strangers, he can be playful, teasing, and wacky, often making perverted and sarcastic jokes in order to get a good laugh. Around who he considers of higher social rank, or respectful to him, he is quite polite and respectful, expressing a calm manner while keeping a steady conversation with whoever he is interacting with. He is rarely known to get irritated towards others, only firing back a joking remark of his own whenever he is insulted. By the way he speaks, it is difficult to tell whether he is actually angered or upset by something, or if he is simply feigning it for fun.

History Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Human Abilities Edit

  • Genius-level Intellect: Like his mother he is a noted genius who has shown to be able to create many technological advances . He specializes robotics, cybernetics, weapons technology, and computer programming tough not like his mother.
  • Expert Engineer: He is an excellent engineer able to fix most machinery, most giant robots and computer hardware.

Ninite Infused Blood Edit

As a result of Project Lazarus his blood is full of ninites that allows him to do various things.

  • Technopath: By touching a machine his is able to access it systems.
  • High Poison Immunity: Due to the ninites attached to his blood cell, they are able to quickly filter out poison that enter his bloodstream.
  • Limited Regeneration: The ninites doubles his healing rate allowing him heal minor cuts and bruses.

Nanotech Suit Edit

He is able to create Exoskeleton by commanding the ninites to expeal though his pores.

  • Enhanced Strength: With the Exoskeleton his strength increases allowing him to lift three times his weight.
  • Weapon Assimilation: By touching a weapon he is able to temporarily

intergrate it into his body until he deactivates the armor.

  • Environmental Adaptation: The suit is able to Adapt to different environments such as underwater, in extreme heat, and space.
  • Whip Blades: By controlling and expelling the ninites in his body his is able to convert them into whip like objects that is able to cut objects to be used to move himself.


  • Hackers: His main weakness are the ones who are able to hack the ninites in his body. To help prevent this him and cyborg helped him create a program called pandorica to prevent this.
  • Overload: Due to the large number of ninites in his body they all send electrical impuses to his brain which sometimes causes him to black out. Without him in contol the ninites act out absorbing anything they can or destroying anything they deem a threat.
  • High energy consumption: Due to the large number of ninites consuming energy he has to intake a large number of calories to keep them for feeding on his body.

Relationships Edit

Xeon,Slipstream,Vector Edit

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Spectrum Edit

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