This page is to list the powers that he no longer has access to as he looses his Red Lantern Power Ring.

Red Lantern PowersEdit

  • Boundless Rage: His rage fuels his ring and is the main source of his energy and abilities. Sparked by the death of his family and lover by Atrocitus, he vows to kill him with all his might.
  • Rage Infection: He has the power to infect others with rage and in turn cause them to become a Red Lantern if they receive a power ring.
  • Red Energy Manipulation: As a Red Lantern he is able to manipulate the red energy it creates to do a ton of super human feats.
  • Rage Plasma: He is able to fire rage plasma from his mouth which has the power to burn anything it come into contact with even in space. This is said to be the remains of his blood which was made unusable due to the ring's influence.

Former EquipmentEdit

  • Red Lantern Power Ring
  • Red Lantern Power Battery
  • Cybernetic Face Mask