Shangri la by xiaoxinart-d3f3kba
Landmarks Kun Lun

One of the most worldly legends in existance, located in one special part of the Kun Lun Mountains, many often find their way to it and often never wish to leave. It is said that the Guardian as well as The Protector of this sacred land is Master Sho, creator of the Kai Sho Martial Arts. Only one person aside from the Master knows about it's true existance and that is Griger.


Immense Energy-Source - Since it's existence , All around the wonderful place is said to have energy unlike anything ever felt. It is this energy that fuels the Art of Kai Sho, those who would train under this energy would have their natural abilities increased including Intellegence, Strength, Spirit, and many others.

Immortality - Unlike most other ways of Immortality, this one revolves around the energies of Shangri-La that allow the slowing of aging. Though the one drawback to this source is that the person cannot leave the place without aging completely to dust. The only exception is that Kisai managed to put an Iki Symbol that allows Tyson, his student, to enter and exit Shangri-La, and that he will not stay young if he remains there after a long period of time.