Type of Weapon Stealth Technology
Range of Weapon Supplementary
Known Users Aqualad
Kid Flash
wonder Girl
Batman X

Stealth-tech is a modification to the uniforms of various heroes and villains, providing them camouflage so that they can better carry out their covert operations. Stealth-tech was first introduced when various members of The Team received them shortly before their first mission in Santa Prisca.

Normal Stelth-techEdit

Stealth-tech allows the user to change the color of their costumes from their usual colors to dark gray or black. This color change helps the user to camouflage with their night surroundings, which is when most of the important missions take place, for covert reasons. To activate the stealth-tech, the user simply taps their signature symbol (such as Artemis's arrow symbol or Aqualad's “A” symbol), activating the change.

Polar Stealth-techEdit

Polar Stealth-tech is an alteration to certain garb, enabling the user to perform covert missions in cold conditions. All variations of the snow suits are colored white and light blue, to blend into snowy environments.

The snow suits are designed to keep the user warm in cold conditions, and to camouflage them whilst operating covert missions in harsh conditions such as snow. Although some of the uniforms of the Team remain fairly similar to the original uniforms, others are very different.

Kid Flash's snow suit is almost exactly the same as his regular costume, though the color has been changed from yellow and red to white and light blue. The only change to Aqualad's costume is his red vest has become white. Miss Martian's costume is likely to be the same clothing that she can manipulate, making them white and light blue also, as well as lengthening her sleeves. Superboy's costume is the same but for the color change and his shirt has longer sleeves.

Artemis in snow suit

Artemis wearing her snow suit.

Robin, Zatanna and Artemis's costumes have more noticeable changes. Artemis's suit's colors have changed from greens to white and light blue and she wears a thick hooded jacket with two large pockets as well as white gloves. She also has a light blue utility belt with several pockets, and white boots covering her blue leggings. Robin's costume consists of the standard color change, as well as the addition of a helmet, and a shirt with a fairly different design. Zatanna's costume is a large hooded jacket with a cape and the standard blue and white. There are two pockets on the jacket. She also wears white gloves and boots.

Kid Flash's suit can change between the polar stealth and standard colorations by touching the symbol on its chest, much like his regular stealth-tech.