The Light
The Light
Leader None (All members are equals)
Notable Members L-1: Vandal Savage
L-2: Ra's al Ghul
L-3: Lex Luthor
L-4: Queen Bee
L-5: Ocean-Master
L-6: The Brain
L-7: Klarion

The Light is an ominous council with seven enlightened members. In the Light's first appearance, in the episode "Fireworks", seven screens could be clearly seen arranged in a circle. Greg Weisman has also confirmed that there are seven members of the group. Nine screens could be seen in the episode "Drop-Zone", although these may have included some members of the Light appearing more than once. When communicating with their agents or each other, they often appear on separate screens obscured by bright white light.

History Edit

Vandal Savage founded the Light to counteract the Justice League's role in preserving society's "calcified status quo". In his view, the League inhibited mankind by protecting it from disaster, crime, and tragedy—factors needed for humanity to evolve.

To counteract this, the Light created or co-opted networks of operatives, placed key individuals in key positions, and explored the boundaries of all new technology. Genetic engineering, biochemical engineering, robotics, nano-robotics, techno-sorcery, and all conceivable methods of mind control were all explored by the Light in its quest to accelerate human evolution. A resurgent earth "taking its rightful place at the center of the cosmos" appears to be the Light's ultimate goal.

The group was conceived by Vandal Savage. He's not the leader, but rather the first among equals. The identities of the leaders are known only to a very select group of individuals that work with them.